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What is a Croak?

A croak is your space to vent out about anything that is bothering you! It is your 160 character area to write about a problem or something that is happening that bugs you

What is a Case?

When a croak isn't enough and what's bothering you is a problem that can be solved by someone, this is where you open a case! A case is a detailed file you put together in order to submit your problem to a potential solver, and you can follow up on it with the solver once they get to working on your issue!

What is case boost?

Once you have submitted a case, you sometimes find other people who have the same case or problem. Instead of them writing their own case, they can show that they support you and feel your concern by boosting your case. The more people boosting your case, the higher the chance of it getting resolved in a shorter amount of time!

How to post a Croak?

To post a croak, just tap on the button at the top right corner of your screen that says "Post a Croak", write a croak up to 160 characters long, attach any image or video and select your location if you like, then just press post!

How to open a case?

To post a case, just tap on the button at the top right corner of your screen that says "Open a Case". Then you fill in your case title and use the text area to describe your problem, upload images or videos then press "continue". After that, type in the name of your potential solver, select your location then press post!

How to search for croaks/cases?

Tap on the search icon in the right side of your screen. There are many ways you can narrow down your search: you can choose the category (whether a croak or case), case status or location. You can also sort your results by Newest, Popularity, Most boosted or solved

How to edit my profile?

Just go to your profile page by tapping the "My Profile" icon on the left side of your screen, tap the "Edit Profile" button on the right and make the changes you want. You can upload or choose a new profile picture, change your cover photo, edit your personal information or verify your account through Twitter.

How to solve a case?

If someone appointed you as the potential solver to a case, congratulations! You have the chance to make their lives a lot better by solving their case! Once you have solved the case, you have to reflect that on The Croakers. To do so, go the the case summary, press on the "Solve" button, write a description about how you solved this case and submit! the case owner will then either accept or decline the solution.